What happened to Tahra Bey?

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What happened to Tahra Bey?

From: c_howdy
Subject: Practice
Date/Time 2010-05-09 02:19:57


I recentle noticed that Fakir Musafar has nowadays quite elaborate website, but at least for me he is far too much a fetishist that I would like to explore anything more about his activities.

But in one of the better books written by Paul Brunton, he describes his encounter (c. 1930s) with Egyptian fakir called Tahra Bey about whom there is very little information any other place.

Well, it's actually possible to order from the net his poster and there are also mentions of his name in several other connections, but I at least have impression that there is maybe even more than one fakirs by this same name.

Also Harry Houdini was investigating somebody called Tahra Bey, but he's not necessarily Brunton's Tahra Bey.

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