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Course information White tigress system

From: Swedich Dragon
Subject: Practice
Date/Time 2008-04-05 16:06:21


Hello all

Some information on the courses I will start in July with Hsi Lai together with a girl from my yoga group. First is the 4 courses to become an initiated Jade Dragon, then follows the 6 courses for the woman to become a initiated white tigress. Hsi Lai don´t take more students for the moment though.

Private Classes & Tuition
Dragon Courses
The courses listed below are open to anyone, whether for just personal learning
experience or for initiation. All three courses are required for any man seeking to
become an Initiate White Tiger.
1. Eight Brocades Taoist Yoga
Eight Brocades (Ba Duan Jin) is without question a central practice of most
Taoists, past and present. Its simple regimes have an astonishing effect on a
person’s health and spiritual development. The basic purpose behind the practice
is to prepare and develop the internal body for the circulation of qi, the Lesser
Heavenly Circuit.
Anyone interested in Taoist meditation should learn these exercises. For
practicing Green Dragons, Jade Dragons, or White Tigers these exercises are
essential for restoration and spiritual progress.
The Eight Exercises of Eight Brocades Seated Qigong
1. Heavenly Drum
2. Shaking the Heavenly Pillar
3. The Red Dragon Stirs the Sea
4. Rubbing the Court of the Kidneys
5. The Single Pass Windlass
6. The Double Pass Windlass
7. Supporting Heaven
8. Grasping With Hooks
Meditation Methods
Meditation Method for the Eight Brocades
Supplemental Self-Massage Techniques
Inducing the Lesser Heavenly Circuit
For private training allow four days of instruction, two hours each day.
Course Fee: $800.00
2. Dragon Sexual Practices
This course covers a wide range of essential practices for men serious about
cultivating their sexual-spiritual energy.
The majority of Taoist works presented in English have come from the
contemplative schools or sects of Taoism that propagate either celibacy or
retention of sexual energy. But in these practices, stemming from the Cheng I
Sect of Taoism, the enhancement of one's sexual energy and the use of sexual
activity is the very core of the practices pertaining to Green or Jade Dragons, and
White Tigers.
Nine Jade Dragon Exercises:
Exercises, Herbal Remedies, and Supplemental Training
for Enlarging the Penis and Increasing Semen Quantity
Gathering the Three Medicines:
Methods for retrieving the female’s Upper, Middle, and Lower Peak
Twirling the Lotus Techniques:
Five Methods of Cunnilingus
Fusing During Ejaculation:
Retaining the Qi and Jing during ejaculation and stimulating
the Original Cavity during ejaculation
Gazing at the Green Dragon:
Voyeuristic Practices for Stimulating Jing, Qi, and Shen
Sexual Positions and Methods for Inducing the Yellow Stream:
Three Sexual Positions to Help Induce the Yellow Stream
For private training allow four days of instruction, three hours each day.
Course Fee: $1200.00
3. Dragon Meditation Methods
In Taoism there are three manners or teachings as to how the internal energy
(Jing and Qi — the elixir of immortality) should be disciplined and developed in
the body. The first is the Lesser Heavenly Circuit (see Eight Brocades Taoist
Yoga for this method). Second is to fully focus on Opening the Original Cavity in
the brain. The third is called The Yellow Stream, moving the energy up the spine
and into the brain. Each of these three has different sensations and empirical
experiences, but all have the same goal, illuminating the mind and becoming an
The first method, the Lesser Heavenly Circuit is primarily for those who
choose to have a less sexual and more contemplative practice. The second
method is for those men seeking to use their ejaculation for inducing an
illumination, and so seek intense sexual encounters to accomplish this. The third
method, The Yellow Stream, is normally used by men seeking to retain their
semen through sexual stimulation but without actual ejaculation, and so revert
sexual energy into their brain for illumination. All three methods can be very
effective, but each male has to determine which suits him best. This course helps
men discover what practice is best and most effective for them.
Opening the Original Cavity Meditation
Breathing Methods for Meditation
Natural Breathing
Tortoise Breathing
Immortal Breathing
Reverting Jing to the Brain (The Yellow Stream)
Meditation Method for Reverting the Orgasm into the Brain
For private training allow four days of instruction, two hours each day.
Course Fee: $800.00


Private Classes & Tuition
Tigress Courses
The courses listed below are open to anyone, whether for just personal learning
experience or for initiation. The courses #1 thru #4 are required for any woman
seeking to become an Initiate White Tigress. The Tigress Massage (#5) and
Jade Pendant Restoration (#6) courses are not required for initiation.
1. Willow Waist Exercise
The Willow Waist Exercise is first and foremost an excellent style of qigong. In
traditional Taoism this exercise is based on “Swimming Dragon” or “Triple
Bracelets Encircling the Moon” qigong. However, the Tigress Willow Waist
exercise has been supplemented in technique to ensure that the waist is made
more slender and flexible, and specifically designed to help break up fatty tissue
in the abdomen, regulate the intestines, and strengthen the spine. Its primary
effect, however, is on strengthening the lymphatic system, which is a common
problem area in women.
Other benefits in performing the Willow Waist include:
Limbering and stretching the entire body
Regulating the kidneys and liver
Firming the breasts and tightening the vaginal muscles
Preventing curvature of the spine, oversized waist, and strengthening the pelvic
muscles to keep the cervix well aligned
Promotes strong and pliable back muscles, giving grace to movements of the
The 18-Steps of the Willow Waist
Tigress Twisting Its Tail Downward (3 Circle Patterns consisting of 9 Movements)
Tigress Twisting Its Tail Upward (3 Circle Patterns consisting of 9 movements)
Breathing Regimes
Natural Breathing with Willow Waist Movements
Tortoise Breathing with Willow Waist Movements
For private training allow four days of instruction, two hours each day.
Course Fee: $800.00
2. Healing Tigress Exercises
The Healing Tigress Exercises have many of the same benefits as those of the
Willow Waist except they are more pronounced. These exercises are more
difficult to accomplish, but they will make the spine very flexible and create an
increased level of blood circulation.
In the Tigress view, the attainment of optimum health resides first in
making the spine pliable yet strong, just like that of a young girl. Drawing from the
abilities and practices of real tigers (cats), the Tigress understands the
importance of stretching and remaining flexible. Without it, aging sets in at a
more rapid pace. The incidences of arthritis, inflexibility, and muscle deterioration
play a huge role in setting the aging process into motion, especially when a
woman reaches the age of 35 and over. These stretching methods keep the
muscles pliable and enhance greater blood circulation through all the joints and
muscles, as well as greatly increasing a female’s sexual energy.
Healing Tigress Exercises
Restoring the Breasts
Increasing Sexual Energy
Restoring the Breasts
Tightening the Vagina
Restoring the Ovaries
Tigress Back Exercises
Inverted Tigress
Tigress Grasping With the Paws
Tigress Stretches the Legs
Tigress Scratches Back of the Head
Tigress Cleans Herself
Red Dragon Returns to the Void Exercise
Green Dragon Reversing the Tongue
Roaring Tigress Exercise
For private training allow four days of instruction, two hours each day.
Course Fee: $800.00
3. Tigress Sexual Practices
This is a very intensive course on all the facets regarding a Tigress’s sexual
practices, skills, and behaviors for developing her own sexual energy, qi, and
spirit with Green Dragons. Because this course requires detailed and sexually
explicit information on sexual activity the course is taught strictly through means
of discussions, graphics, and a simulated penis.
Course Includes
Three Tigress Oral Positions
The Eight Oral Sex Techniques
The Five Hand Manipulation Techniques
Congealing the Dragon's Jade (Jing or semen)
Absorbing Dragon's Breath (Qi)
Transformational Techniques
Tigress and Dragon Unions
Green Dragons
Jade Dragons
For private training allow six days of instruction, four hours each day.
Course Fee: $1200.00
4. Tigress Meditation
There are three meditation methods a Tigress incorporates into her practices.
The first method is used after performing the Healing Tigress Exercise and/or
engaging with a Green Dragon. The second method is used when with a Green
Dragon. The third method is used after being with a Green Dragon. Each of
these follows an important sequence of developing sexual energy (Jing),
absorbing Dragon’s Breath (Qi), and inducing and illuminating the spirit (Shen).
Tigress Meditation Techniques
Meditation for Healing Tigress Exercises
Meditation on the Jade Stem
Meditation for Illumination
For private training allow two days of instruction, two hours each day.
Course Fee: $400.00
5. White Tigress Massage
This intensive course is normally studied by women who wish to use massage for
safely finding and engaging with Green Dragons and to supplement their income.
This massage is also a form of qigong and health exercise for the female. It is a
unique system of massage because it involves stimulating the Jing, Qi, and Shen
in both the male client and the female masseuse.
White Tigress Massage Techniques
The following three types of massage are taught for treating both the front and
back of the client’s body.
An Mo (Pressing and Kneading the Muscles and Joints), a unique and specific
way in which to kneed and open blood flow through the joints and muscles of the
Qi Ch'u (Vital Energy Stimulation), which enhances a person’s energy level by
stimulating the qi meridians and specific cavities of the body.
Ching Hsing (Sexual Energy Stimulation), which consists of stimulating specific
erogenous zones and qi cavities that stimulate sexual energy.
Other Subjects Taught in the Massage Course
Creating the Proper Environment
Proper Attire and Demeanor
Massage Utensils and Supplies
Conversing with the Green Dragon
Initiating Sexual Activity
Instructions for Massaging Females
For private training allow four days of instruction, five hours each day.
Course Fee: $2400.00
6. Jade Pendant Restoration Methods (Kua Shao)
This is a unique and ancient method for healing and restoration. It involves two
separate methods. First, using a heated jade piece to stimulate qi centers,
meridians, and erogenous zones of the entire body, both front and back. The
second method involves scraping the entire body in a set pattern with both oil
and a jade pendant. This completely opens up a person’s blood circulation,
relieves tension, and stimulates their qi flow.
In China, jade has always been considered a healing mineral and
exposing jade to the human body will bring about many healing energies. These
methods were normally used by Tigresses in conjunction with the massage
techniques, but can be performed separately.
Jade Pendant Qi Stimulation
Activating the Eight Major Qi Cavities
Activating the Four Dragon and Tiger Cavities
Jade Pendant Kua Shao
Method for Restoring Skin, Increasing Blood Flow, and Invigorating the Spirit
Method for Restoring and Enlarging the Penis
Method for Restoring and Tightening the Vagina
For private training allow two days of instruction, three hours each day.
Course Fee: $600.00

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